About Us

Mahishbathan is the name of a village in Karimpur-II Development block under the jurisdiction of Tehatta Sub-Division in the district of Nadia in West Bengal. A group of people with positive thinking felt the need of the spread of education among the boys and girls of the village and its adjacent localities. Late Kshirod Mohan Sarkar took the leading role in this respect. With the assistance and guidance of a few benevolent people he set up a school to remove the ignorance and illiteracy of people of the locality on January 4 1962. The magnanimous Kshirod Mohan Sarkar named the school Mahishbathan Manoj Mohan Vidyamandir to immortalize his beloved brother Manoj Mohan Sarkar. It started its journey as a 2 class junior High school with effect from 01.01.1962(Memo no. 17728/G dated 15.11.62). It was upgraded to 4 class junior high school w.e.f 31.12.1965 as per memo no. 15738/g dated 23.07.1965. The school gradually became 10 class Govt.-Aided co educational school with effect from14797/G dated 16.09.1966 and affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The school got the recognition (Memo no. DS (A) SD/1596/Reclog/2000 dated 24.08.2000) of imparting higher secondary education under the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education in 2000. Gradually the school was permitted to introduce science stream with the following subjects, viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in the year 2013. It is now a Govt.- Sponsored school( Memo no. 2334/RMSA/SL/5S-264/12 dated 30.09.2013). The school has laboratories like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. We have a well equipped library with reading room. The academic performance of the students of this school is noteworthy in the block. I took its charge as a Headmaster on 05.07.2011. The members of the M.C and teachers are co operative in keeping up with the academic status of this school. The students are well disciplined.